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Handle and RegExpTitle

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I've got an app where I select a user and it opens that user in a new tab and displays the information.  This is an old app using non-standard controls so the only way to know the new tab is opened is by watching the Window Title.

$hWIN = the handle to the instance of the app I opened, there are sometimes more of this app open so I need to use the handle.

The Title after moving into a new tab changes so I want to use that to verify My Window handle title changed to include the new Tab name:  MyApp - NewTabName - Specific User Name

$sFieldText = ControlGetText("[HANDLE:" & $hWIN & "; REGEXPTITLE:^MyApp - NewTab Name -*]", "", "AfxWnd1403")

I've tried a few different REGEXPTITLE options but it seems to only look at the Handle to match the window the control is in.

Am I doing something wrong with this?  

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