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About DllCallbackRegister behaviour


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I was wondering why when I call DllCallbackRegister 2 times on the same function with the same return and parameters types, the function gets registered 2 times?

I think in order to avoid memory leak (in case you cannot or forget to call DllCallbackFree), in this case, we should not have a 2'nd registration.

This behaviour could be usefull in some UDFs that are wrappers for C libraries when you need to passe callback functions. This will permit to the user of the UDF to passe directly functions, then the function is registered inside the UDF. So event if recalling the same function again and again, the callback is registered only once.


; this function could be called many times with the same AutoIt function as $pfnCFunction parameter
Func _lua_pushCClosure($pState, $pfnCFunction, $iN)
    ; calling DllCallbackRegister again and again on the same function and with same return and parameters type should register the function only once
    Local $hCallback = DllCallbackRegister(IsFunc($pfnCFunction) ? FuncName($pfnCFunction) : $pfnCFunction, "int:cdecl", "ptr")
    DllCall($__gLua_hDLL, "none:cdecl", "lua_pushcclosure", "ptr", $pState, "ptr", DllCallbackGetPtr($hCallback), "int", $iN)
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error, 0, False)
    Return True

Any thoughts?

Edit: as for now, in order to let the UDFs user pass any value he wants, I'm using this function

Func __lua_helper_regFunc($vFunc, $sReturn, $sParams)
    Local Static $oReg = ObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary")
    Switch VarGetType($vFunc)
        Case "String", "UserFunction"
            $vFunc = IsString($vFunc) ? $vFunc : FuncName($vFunc)
            Local $sKey = $vFunc & "|" & $sReturn & "|" & $sParams
            If $oReg.Exists($sKey) Then
                Return DllCallbackGetPtr($oReg.Item($sKey))
                Local $hReg = DllCallbackRegister($vFunc, $sReturn, $sParams)
                $oReg.Item($sKey) = $hReg
                Return DllCallbackGetPtr($hReg)
        Case "Int32"
            Return DllCallbackGetPtr($vFunc)
        Case "Ptr"
            Return $vFunc
    Return Null


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