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nested while loops dont run


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I have a extremely simple script i cant figure out why it wont run.

It's 2 nested while loops that iterate a click drag action but only in inner loop is running.

I've tried almost everything i can think of to get it to work changing loop types running x64 and x86 breaking the loops out into their own functions. Both loops run fine independently but the second i try and nest them the outer one acts like the inner ones wend is for it.

 the code is:

Global $i = 1
Global $j = 1
While($i < 12)
   While($j < 8)
      MouseClickDrag("left", 1625, 120, $i * 130, $j * 130, 0)
      $j = $j + 1
   $i = $i + 1


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You should use only one loop with if's as having 2 loops like that doesn't make any sense!
...  having said that: Why would you need any of this insane amount of Clicking&Dragging anyways?


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49 minutes ago, acien said:

I have a extremely simple script i cant figure out why it wont run.


23 minutes ago, acien said:

the click dragging is to layout the object in a nice grid to make future actions simpler.

I think what Jos is eluding to is there has to be an easier way to get the object layout you desire. This way of doing it will always be temperamental and prone to error.

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