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Get Rid of blue frame on GUI when attach... MDI Child align. [SOLVED]

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I'm trying to attach a putty session on my gui. When I open putty he's basic, but when I "trap" him inside the GUI I have two problems...

The tick blue border that looks ugly, and the resize/move that can drag the putty terminal out of the GUi view area...


Normal - only a fin border on scrollbar and almost nothing at left...



Embedded - Tick blue border above and in the sides...


So far I tried this:

Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:PuTTY]")

$iStyles = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong($hWnd, $GWL_STYLE)
_WinAPI_SetWindowLong($hWnd, $GWL_STYLE, $iStyle)
_WinAPI_SetWindowPos($hWnd, $GUI, 0, 0, 0, 0, BitOR($SWP_FRAMECHANGED, $SWP_NOMOVE, $SWP_NOSIZE))

But the terminal disappear... In one of my last attempts, I managed to remove the minimize maximize buttons. Can someone give me a light about what I can be possibly doing wrong?...Thanks in advance!


EDIT: For now I did a ugly solution...Set the terminal bigger than GUI, so the borders stay out of sight... :(


I'm running into another problem...When I use MDI Child into the GUI's they don't align...I saw some topics but thay are necro...I'm still looking! Thanks!

Found this:

I'll work with hidden borders for now...If someone have a better solution I whould like to now ! Thanks ! :)

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