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Hello Sir, 

While searching for the solution to my problem, I have just gone through some of your old post. 

My name is Alok Arora 

Email id is *snip*

I am writing a code to store logs for each script I run. This I did by using FileWriteLog function and it is successfully storing logs in txt file. 

Now, I have to work on to read the log file and if any script has been mistakenly clicked twice in a day script will pop up a message that task already done for the day by verifying entries in the log file. 

I have the logic for it.. 

I mean a variable will read the log file and will search for the entry and will perform action if entry found or not. 

I believe for reading the file I can write a code like

$i =fileread("logfile.txt")

Now I am stuck on how to compare the log entry in log file. 

Can you please help me in this? 

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Seems your memory isn't very good or are you simply ignoring me?
We will help you when you simply provide your script that isn't working so we can understand what you are trying and where it is failing.
Post another post like this, and I will simply ban the account.
Just as a reminder: Sending unsolicited PM's is also against our forum rules!


Edited by Jos

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