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hello autoit community,
i would like to share this ping util based on .Net core App domain , which have some more functions than the standard autoit ping , like :-

1- send ping with specified TTL & size & dontfragment flag & time out
2-true multithreading ping (send many ping packets same time) 
3- no 3rd party exe or dll included 

DotNet All

$ip=(string) can be single ip or array of IP (ping will be sent to all ips in the array on same time)
$timeout=(int) default is 4000
$TTL= (int)  default is 255 
$dontfragment=(bool)  default is false
$buffersize=(int) default is 32
$result=ping time as single int if $ip was single ip or array of int if $ip was array of ip's ,
$result=0 if host unreachable or offline
$result=-1 if host not exist(bad domain name) or general error

$enable = (bool) enable debugging output to console , false by default


1-MTU example


for $packetsize=1500 to 1480 step -1
    if $result>0 Then
    ConsoleWrite("Max allowed packet size without fragmentation is : "&$packetsize &@crlf)

2- Multi threading ping:-

global $IP_list[5]=["","","www.google.com","Wrongdomain",""]

for $i=0 to UBound($IP_list)-1
    ConsoleWrite("Pinging "&$IP_list[$i]&" :Result is = "&$result[$i]&@CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Code executed in : "&TimerDiff($codeperformance)&@CRLF)



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