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This is just a small script I wrote several years ago that I use to quickly set up the output of my master Yamaha keyboard. I have several different types and pieces of hardware that I occasionally send MIDI output to - depending on what I'm playing with at the time. It is a simple program  (I'm not a programmer) that needs more comments. Just thought I'd post it on the forum on the off chance someone was interested in taking a look. My many thanks to all those who have taken the time to post their work/code/ideas and observations for both MIDI and programming in general . Without it I would never have gotten this far.


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    • By Danyfirex
      Hi all, last night I was playing with >MIDI UDF by Ascend4nt, and thought about making a game to learn the notes on the fretboard of the guitar (in the final I did not the game) but I made a guitar tablature tester. (Maybe I I add the game later.)      Functions.  Play notes.  Play notes.  while MouseDown+MouseMove Play Tabs. Change Speed.  Highlight Note. Note: The tab file are into the tabs folder (see the file format if you want add more tabs) It does not supports sound effects as (slide,bend,pull off) Only clean notes.   Update Version 0.1.3 (02/03/2014) Latest version! Version 0.1.3 (02/03/2014) Changed: _PlayTab Funcion rewritten Added: Play/Stop while Tab is sounding Added: Change Timing while Tab is sounding Added: Number Fret marks Added: Some tabs   Guitar Tab Tester 0.1.3.rar   Update Version 0.1.2 (18/02/2014) Older version!
      Version 0.1.2 (18/02/2014) Fixed: Notes up 9 fret Doesn't Sound Fixed: Notes Highlighting Added: English Notation Added: Some tabs Changed: GUI Look Changed: Code Structure   Guitar Tab Tester 0.1.2.rar       Capture:           Well I hope You understand it was a hard  fight vs Google traslate. (sorry for my English) suggestions, criticism, comments, help are wellcome.   Saludos
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