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Guitar Tab Tester


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Hi all, last night I was playing with >MIDI UDF by Ascend4nt, and thought about making a game to learn the notes on the fretboard of the guitar (in the final I did not the game) but I made a guitar tablature tester. (Maybe I I add the game later.) 
  • Play notes. 
  • Play notes.  while MouseDown+MouseMove
  • Play Tabs.
  • Change Speed. 
  • Highlight Note.
The tab file are into the tabs folder (see the file format if you want add more tabs)
It does not supports sound effects as (slide,bend,pull off) Only clean notes.
Update Version 0.1.3 (02/03/2014Latest version!
Version 0.1.3 (02/03/2014)
Changed: _PlayTab Funcion rewritten
Added: Play/Stop while Tab is sounding
Added: Change Timing while Tab is sounding
Added: Number Fret marks
Added: Some tabs

Update Version 0.1.2 (18/02/2014) Older version!

Version 0.1.2 (18/02/2014)
Fixed: Notes up 9 fret Doesn't Sound
Fixed: Notes Highlighting
Added: English Notation
Added: Some tabs
Changed: GUI Look
Changed: Code Structure
Well I hope You understand it was a hard  fight vs Google traslate. (sorry for my English)
suggestions, criticism, comments, help are wellcome.
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Thank you @czardas. I was Thinking in other method to do the timing part. I'll try to improve it, and add the English notation. ( wow I think You play the guitar) I'll will use this software to learn to play the guitar. as soon I can I'll Update something.


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I am impressed, one that you created this in one day and of the implementation.  This would be a great training tool for young guitarist.  I came across your script while looking for autoit3 sound creation tools.  I want to work on ear training.  Your script shows that I can do that, thanks.

Thanks  jmosley708. My principal Idea was that. A software to ear training. But this came out. Maybe I add some ear training. o Make a new one.


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For ear training you need to start with diatonic intervals within the octave. The two notes should be played separately and later at the same time. Then extend the range to cover two octaves. Next you should start to include the four standard triads along with their inversions (chords with three notes). For four note chords, add sevenths. Chords should eventually be presented as short sequences (normally 2 or 3 chords in a standard cadence).

Later add ninths, elevenths and thirteenths. There are a number of other possible combinations eg 6/9 and suspended fourths or seconds. Altered intervals normally occur in dominant chords.

The above list is not exhaustive, and the number of possible combinations is staggering. I suggest you try to solve one or two simpler problems and leave the more advanced stuff until you are ready for it. An ear trainer is perhaps one of the most difficult and complicated programming problems I have ever attempted myself. There are some reasonable apps out there, but what I have seen falls short of my expectations.

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