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Array with different minute amount (sleep while countdown)

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Good evening guys,
I am trying to capture some study videos at my school that is just in a damn player (not available offline) 
and the videos Vary in Lenght
what I am trying to do is that after each video is done, it will stop OBS, save a file and continue to the next video.
however, how can I do this the simplest way possible?
I were thinking of having a sleep command based on an array and have the actions in a function
so something like (just written down here not in au3.

while 1
save ()
function save()

but since I am not sure how to set up an array I can use in a sleep command I was hoping for some help :)

or is it just easier to have it sleep with these number under a local command 


local $time1=72000
local $time2=72000

global $number=1


<-Action made-->

some of the times I have noted down so far is: they are in minutes (about 60 more with varying length)


/best regard 


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