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File find at windows 10 explorer

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Hi all,

I was using a script at windows 7 to find and mark a file in windows explorer.

After changing to windows 10 it is no longer working correctly.


This is my code

Func _find()
    $file2open = GUICtrlRead ( $input_beleg )
    $fileformat = StringReplace ( $file2open, "/", "_" )
    Run ( "explorer.exe /e,S:\XYZ\Auftragsabwicklung\_Belege")
        sleep (500)
    send ( "^f" )
      ConsoleWrite ($fileformat)
    send ( $fileformat )
    IniWrite ( $historyfile, "history", "last", $file2open )
    if $config[2][1] = "1" Then
        ConsoleWrite ( "exit" )

explorer opens as desired.

Search field is selected but only the LAST string is displayed and searched.


I need the small tool to search a file, mark it, and drop it to an email.


Thanks for ur help


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