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I use Vmware Workstation to run servers, client and other devices. The reason I use Workstation instead of Esxi is because I find it easier to copy the VM files when the host machine crashes (just unplug *raid 1* disk and add it to the new host). 
Because I do not want to reinstall everytime, I often copy an existing VM to test something  or just use the copy a base to install other apps.

In the past I used to use VmConverter, but the latest version won't copy/rename my latest VMs anymore and the older VmConverters do not support the last VM-format.
So  I decided to make my own "VmConverter" and called it "VMRenamer".
I post this as is (it's working for me) and I encourage others to enhance the program as needed.


  • You have to have VMWorkstation installed (I asume on a X64 Windows)
  • You may NOT have snapshotted the VMware in ANY way, even after deleting the snapshot the VM is changed to much for my program to reliabily rename/change the VM files.

I have used some snippets from other in my source and I wish to thank them for posting those on the forum/internet.
Some remarks or obsolute functions have not been removed, because I wanted to post this for you out there instead of delaying the post longer.




Edited by Jemboy
Added the .ico file referenced in the .au3 file to the ZIP.
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