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VISCA SONY Camera Control for OBS Studio

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Attached is a full Controller for SONY Cameras using the VISCA protocol, written in AutoIt. Everything required to build a EXE file is included.

I wrote this software because I couldn't find decent control software for these cameras, I tried at least a dozen packages. So in my mind, anyway, it is better than anything else out there.

The software will also controls several other pieces of AV equipment. The software is very specific to my application but should be easy to adapt and would make a good starting point for someone else trying to roll there own Audio Video control program.

It features the following;

  • Unlimited number of presets
  • Macros to combine recall of presets
  • Supports JoyStick control
  • Supports up to 7 cameras in Daisy chain configuration.
  • Unique Pan Tilt control pad provides variable speed control by dragging Mouse on pad, makes the cameras easy to control.
  • Web Server allows Macros to be activated from OBS Studio
  • Modular structure should make the code adaptable to other camera control protocols.
  • Modular structure should make additional hardware support easy to add or remove.
  • Will show errors during start up if hardware is not present but it will run.
  • Serial ports configured with included INI file.
  • Joystick response can be adjusted through settings in the INI file.
  • Lots of documentation on how things are setup in the various source modules.
  • Built in web server allows control from OBS Studio.

Lots more documentation available wiring instructions, protocol documents for hardware etc. but that would exceed file upload size. PM me if you are interested.

And thanks to everyone on this forum that provided the many libraries and bits of software used to make this project work. I couldn't have done it without the many contributors to this forum. I did my best to give the appropriate credit in each module.


GeorgeController.zip Operation Instructions.pdf


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      Advanced example :
      Preview :

      Attachment :
      IP Camera.au3
      IP Camera.au3 (Previous: 34 downloads)
      Enjoy, I'm watching U !
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