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Update Variable from 2D Array - (Moved)

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I have a variable that needs to be updated based on 2D array (first column is the match for the variable, 2nd column is the updated variable value).

I was able to get this to work using an ini file, but the array has gotten way to big for the 32K limit on an ini file.

Sample code below of working ini option, I am looking for text or csv file option:


$sources = IniReadSection("sources.ini", "source")  

$txt = FileRead("file.txt")

For $i = 1 to $sources[0][0]
   $txt = StringRegExpReplace($txt, $sources[$i][0], $sources[$i][1])

FileWrite("tesxxout.txt", $txt & @CRLF)

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Are you going to take notice this time as this isn't the first time we move your thread!

Moved to the appropriate forum, as the Developer General Discussion forum very clearly states:


General development and scripting discussions.

Do not create AutoIt-related topics here, use the AutoIt General Help and Support or AutoIt Technical Discussion forums.

Moderation Team

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you can keep an INI like structure

#include <Array.au3>
#include <Debug.au3>

; create a sample file with OldVal=NewVal, like INI files do, just without [SECTIONS]
$StrSample="old=new" & @CRLF & _
"alt=neu" & @CRLF & _


; read the full file into a STRING variable

; add the value pairs to pre-DIM-med array using _arrayadd()
dim $aRegEx[1][2]=[[0]]

$aRegEx[0][0]=UBound($aRegEx) - 1

cu, rudi

Edited by rudi

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