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I have problem with Opt("SendKeyDelay", 0) and my laptop.

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Before I had this problem.

My scripts performed "send" very fast.

Then I close Notebook lid, then it went to sleep mode. (I used to set it to "Do nothing" after close lit but I forget it that I reinstalled Windows)

I run script again, It perform "Send" very slow.

I don't know why. Please help me. 

Ssorry for my bad English.


Finding where picture is, then get position and click then typing by use "Send"

Opt("SendKeyDelay", 0)
Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 0)

$Match18 = _MatchPicture("XXXXXXX\Screenshot_18.png", 0.85,"",30)
$Match19 = _MatchPicture("XXXXXXX\Screenshot_19.png", 0.85,"",30)
If IsArray($Match18) Then
    MouseClick("left", $Match19[0] + 30, $Match19[1] + 30, 1, 0)

$check = _MatchPicture("XXXXXXX\check.png", 0.85,"",30) ;;; check
If IsArray($check) Then
    MouseClick("left", $check[0] + 10, $check[1] + 10, 1, 0)

$next = _MatchPicture("XXXXXXX\next.png", 0.85,"",30)  ;;;;next
If IsArray($next) Then
    MouseClick("left", $next[0] + 10, $next[1] + 10, 1, 0)


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Your line 5 is wrong!

(When you want some real help you post your script and tell us which program you are automating.  ;) )


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