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How to read text when it is not shown in visible/hidden/statusbar/toolsbar

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I have tried to find info from autoit help and google, but no luck.

For example in our "Auto It Window Info" program we have text in different locations but this kind of text cannot be selected with mouse. Can this kind of text be read by AutoIt? Please see pictures.

If so, can you help how it is done?




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Francesco, these GUICtrlListView functions are totally new for me. Could you help me to get started?

For example if I would like to get the text "Class:" or "Command ID" in the AutoIt window Info identified by AutoIT?

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As you can see, the Window's class is "WorkerW", so you could take the handle of this window using WinGetHandle() and the Class of the window.
Having the handle of the window, you could take the handle of the ListView control always using the class name with ControlGetHandle().
Once you have these handles, you could use _GUICtrlListView_* to get what you need (in this case, the text of an item).
But, as you can see from here, there are plenty functions to be used with ListView (all those which start with _GUICtrlListView_), and so, you can try to use those to get some information from the ListView handle previousely taken :)

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