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Is there a better way to handle StringReplace more efficiently.


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Dear all,

I would like to ask for your expert help to see if it is possible to re-write the codes below more efficiently. I really appreciate your help. 

Local $html = FileRead(@ScriptDir & "\Ship LabelV2.html")
    Local $new_html = StringReplace($html,"EUNAME#",$EUName)
    Local $new_html1= StringReplace($new_html,"#ITIorder#",$ITIOrder)
    Local $new_html2 = StringReplace($new_html1,"#Model#",$TVModel)
    Local $new_html3 = StringReplace ($new_html2,"#Ref#",$ITIRef)
    Local $new_html4 = StringReplace ($new_html3,"#Serial#",$Input1)
    Local $new_html5 = StringReplace ($new_html4,"#Sale#",$Input)

    FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\Ship LabelV3.html")
    FileWrite(@ScriptDir & "\Ship LabelV3.html",$new_html5)




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