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Click succeeds but window does not open

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Hi guys, Sorry I am very new to AutoIt. I have tried quite a few stuffs and read quite a few posts on these forums but I cannot get this simple click to work.

If I click on "openfile..." manually it of course open a standard windows dialogue to choose a file. Bellow, it does not. 
Memtool is free of charge if you wanna try, you can download it here

$Success= ControlClick("Infineon - Memtool 4.9 on mPAD with TC39x B-Step (DAS)", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]")

Switch $Success
    Case 0
        MsgBox(16,"Autoit","ControlClick Failed")
    Case 1
        MsgBox(0,"Autoit","ControlClick Success")


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