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Hi, I want to make a UDF of a dll With autoit, but I have run into a concern.
How can I know what type of function each of the functions of the dll has? That is, Nulong, Long, STR, Win32, WSTR, etc. I have experience programming but have run into this problem. I googled something about this and found a program called DLLExp, but it only gives you the names of the functions it has, but not the types. The names I already have, but I want to know what kind of functions each of these are.
For those of you with more experience making UDF with a DLL, how did you resolve this conflict or how did you find a solution? I will be very grateful for your responses.

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Follow this decision tree:

* Can you find the documentation or original source code? Yes: study it; No: continue

* Is it a COM dll? Yes: use OLEview; No: continue

* Is it a Windows dll? Yes: analysese the pdb (following some court cases, MS has to publish these now); No: continue

* Analyse dll with Dependency Walker. Are the functions decorated? Yes: use PE explorer; No: continue

* Are you an expert in Assembly and patching raw machine code? Yes: study the stack frames with IDA Pro or a similar debugger; No: continue

* Can you find the dll documentation or original source if you try really, really hard? Yes: study it; No: forget about it.



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