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Beside Autoit you guys know different language (like .net) so any suggestion on how to solve it.

On Exit getting Error

!>01:48:21 AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-2146234327
+>01:48:21 AutoIt3Wrapper Finished.
>Exit code: 2148732969    Time: 11.04

but NOT getting the error every time when I run my code.

on converting

Hex(2148732969, 8) = 0x80131029

0x80131029 error:-
HOST_E_EXITPROCESS_TIMEOUT ==> Process exited due to Timeout escalation.

link on 0x80131029 error




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@Jos  getting the error at End of the code (Point of Exit).
Also not getting the error every time when I run my code.

from stackoverflow link:


I have this....

So to Free the COM library I added this

Now after that I am not getting the error. hope it's ok.


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I had this issue and it turns out it was due to ControlCommand hanging whilst changing a ComboBox selection.

The program would:

  • Change between multiple tabs in a TabControl
  • Change the ComboBox selection on the relevant tab
  • Read the ListView on that tab

The problem was (due to my poor code) I didn't check that the tab had definitely been changed and on one of the tabs one of the selections in the ComboBox would open a window. The program would change the tab (but fail to do so), then change the ComboBox selection to the index aimed at the "correct" ComboBox, however it was on the wrong tab. The ComboBox would then open the window, causing ControlCommand to wait because the ComboBox selection hadn't actually been changed. The script would then exit after god knows how long with the same exit code.

This might not help at all but that's my experience lol.

Without your script though, I doubt you'll get much help.

Edit: Looking back at your original post I can see your script only ran for 11 seconds so I doubt this will be any help at all. SORRY!

Edited by Luke94
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