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How to use the retry or tryagain button?

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I want to make a small script, no GUI, just a script with some buttons for abort, retry and continue. (msgbox, 70)

For example the script should check if a @MIN value is reached or not. 

If it is reached, then go on and do this and that...

If not the retry button should be pressed again to check if reached or not. 

I am not sure how to handle the loop and the botton (msgbox, 70) together.

Tried to search it, but found only GUI solutions. 

Thank you

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I don't quite understand the full ins and outs of your script but is this of any help?

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

Global $g_iInteger = 0
Global $g_iMsgBox

While 1
    If $g_iInteger >= @MIN Then
        $g_iInteger = 0
        $g_iMsgBox = MsgBox($MB_CANCELTRYCONTINUE, @ScriptName, 'Integer = ' & $g_iInteger & ', @MIN = ' & @MIN & '. What should I do?')
        Switch $g_iMsgBox
            Case $IDCANCEL
            Case $IDRETRY
            Case $IDCONTINUE
                _DoSomething() ; I assume by continue you'd want to execute the code?
                $g_iInteger = 0 ; Should you reset the counter?
        $g_iInteger += 1

Func _DoSomething()
    MsgBox(($MB_OK + $MB_ICONINFORMATION), @ScriptName, 'Integer = ' & $g_iInteger & ', @MIN = ' & @MIN)


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