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Unable to Process .docm word document (Macro enabled word document)

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Hi All,

I have a . docm word document , when I write the below code it give "Variable must be of type "Object".:" Error 

#include <Word.au3>
$oWordApp = _Word_Create("D:\Documents\Word Doc API\Report Guide Sheet.docm")
$oDoc = _Word_DocGet($oWordApp,1)
global $w = $oDoc.Application----> throws error here

;ConsoleWrite(@error "error code is" &@CRLF)

; move there
;$oDoc.Bookmarks("Date 1").Select
; insert content
;$w.Selection.typetext("This is inserted at the bookmark")


Please suggest what  on what mistake I'm doing.

Thanks in advance



Edited by Jos
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