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Define "quick way"? Quicker than _ArraySort?

_ArraySort($test, Default, Default, Default, 2)


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I think _ArraySort sorts in alpha-numeric order - That may be why your array with 1000 entries didn't appear to be sorted.

After running this:

#include <Array.au3>

Global $g_eaNames[4] = [ 'Jax', 'Jade', 'Jaquie', 'Sonya' ]
Global $g_aArray[0][3]

For $i = 1 To 1000 Step 1
    Local $sName = $g_eaNames[Random(0, (UBound($g_eaNames) - 1), 1)]
    Local $iInteger1 = Random(1, 100, 1)
    Local $iInteger2 = Random(1, 1000, 1)
    _ArrayAdd($g_aArray, $sName & Chr(124) & _
                         $iInteger1 & Chr(124) & _

_ArraySort($g_aArray, 0, Default, Default, 2)

The Output was:


Notice how 1000 is before 102.

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