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DirCopy() is not working with #RequireAdmin

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I'm copying a folder from a network drive to an USB memory key, using this script:

Local $sPathFrom = "G:\temp\test files from\"
Local $sPathTo = "D:\temp\test files to\"
Local $sRet

$sRet = DirCopy($sPathFrom, $sPathTo)
If (Not $sRet) Then
    MsgBox($MB_OK, "Copy test", "Unable to copy the folder! - $sRet: " & $sRet)
    MsgBox($MB_OK, "Copy test", "Copy OK! - $sRet: " & $sRet)

Before testing, I deleted the destination folder just to be sure that there is no folder at the destination path.

It works pretty well and returns 1, but, if I add the directive #RequireAdmin it doesn't work and returns 0. Is there some not documented details about DirCopy() function? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

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I guess your Admin-Account doesn't have "G:" mapped or does not have permissions to

G:\temp\test files from\


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further guess

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open an administrative CMD.EXE  box ("Run as Administrator")

Then type

net use

and, as already mentioned by Jos

dir \\server\share\path\file.xyz

... to see, if you have access rights in the "Admin UAC context"


If not, then use ...

net use \\server\ipc$ /user:domain\user *

... to see, if you are able to gain access rights now.


Autoit: See the Help File for DriveMap* functions.


CU, Rudi.

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