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How to put an Input GUI on top of other GUIs?

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I have an Input ($FINDER), an Edit ($NOTEPAD) and other GUIs (Listview, Tabs, statusbar)...

GLOBAL $NOTEPAD = GUICtrlCreateEdit("This is a scratchpad where you can write notes or equations.", 0, 0, 500, 200, BitOR($ES_WANTRETURN, 0))
GUICtrlSetFont    (-1, 12, 400, 0, $FONT, 5)
GUICtrlSetColor   (-1, 0x000000)
GUICtrlSetBkColor (-1, 0x80FF80)
GLOBAL $FINDER = GUICtrlCreateInput("",350,10,125,25)
GUICtrlSetFont    (-1, 12, 400, 0, $FONT, 5)
GUICtrlSetBkColor (-1, 0xFFFFFF)
GUICtrlSetState   (-1, $GUI_ONTOP+$GUI_SHOW)

(I also have GUIRegisterMsg($WM_SIZE, "WM_SIZE") that relocate/resize GUIs when there is a resize call.)

I want $FINDER to be on top of $NOTEPAD at all times as suggested by the above codes. The other GUIs do not overlap on any of these two.

However, this $FINDER is only "on top/visible" when I mouse-over onto it. When I focus/click on other GUIs, $FINDER disappears/hidden by $NOTEPAD

How do I force $FINDER to be visible at all times? Is there some GUICtrlSetState or transparency I need to do?


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GUI_ONTOP atribut in this context (GUICtrlSetState) has meaning only for particular control among other controls inside your GUI.

You can set WS_EX_TOPMOST ex style for your main GUI window (GUICreate) to overlap other external applications, but in this case by whole your AutoIt's GUI window (not by particular control).





Specifies that a window created with this style should be placed above all non-topmost windows and should stay above them, even when the window is deactivated.


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