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I have a button that checks the checked checkboxes and run their designated functions

I have a qui with onevent turnen on.

THe problem is that when the first function of the first checkbox it exits the button function. (it stops after completing the fist true check)

How do I solve this 

Example not complete script, but just to give a idea.

; BUtton on gui
$btGO = _GUICtrlCreateButton7sEX1("Start", 500, 75, 50, 50)
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "_start")
;Function that calls the button

Func _start()
                If _GUICtrlCheckBoxGetState($checkherstelpunt1) = "true" Then _CreateRestorePoint()
                If _GUICtrlCheckBoxGetState($checkherstelpunt2) = "true" Then _CreateRestorePoint2()


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