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Synchronize function call with display refresh timings

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I am trying to figure out how to synchronize a function call in my script with my display's refresh timings, and would appreciate some ideas on how to achieve this.

I have previously always just limited the frequency of function calls to a specific time interval.
For example:

$FrameTimer = TimerInit()
$FrameTimes = 40

While 1

    If TimerDiff($FrameTimer) >= $FrameTimes Then
        FrameTimer = TimerInit()

This approach reduces flickering and all, but it's not as sophisticated as I'd like.
Unfortunately I was unable to find any forum posts that address this topic, so here's mine. (also my first post on the forum)


Is it possible to "read" when the display is going to be refreshed, or am I wasting my time?


Thanks in advance!

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I don't know what to tell you about the "refresh rate" part, while on calling a function at time intervals, instead of continuously checking the elapsed time (If TimerDiff .....) you could either use the AdlibRegister command or the _WinAPI_SetTimer function. The first (AdlibRegister) is not executed while the script is displaying a blocking function (e.g. MsgBox, InputBox, WinWait, WinWaitClose etc.) while the second (_WinAPI_SetTimer) does not have this limitation. Here is a simple example of using _WinAPI_SetTimer:

#include <WinAPISys.au3>

; get handle of a user-defined function.
Global $hTimerProc = DllCallbackRegister('_UpdateUI', 'none', '')

; set the function call timer
Global $iTimerID = _WinAPI_SetTimer(0, 0, 500, DllCallbackGetPtr($hTimerProc))

MsgBox(0, 'MsgBox', "I'm a blocking function" & @CRLF & _
        "nevertheless the callback function is still called " & @CRLF & _
        "...see the dot progression in the console output...")

; clear on exit
_WinAPI_KillTimer(0, $iTimerID)

; function called by a timer.
; It is also run while a blocking function is shown
; (e.g. MsgBox, InputBox, WinWait, WinWaitClose etc.)
Func _UpdateUI()
    ConsoleWrite('.') ; just to show something ...
EndFunc   ;==>_UpdateUI


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WOW! I am way to unfamiliar with the WinAPI Tools. This will be a HUGE improvement on a few of my most recent scripts!
I am not planning on making a videogame or anything that would need the proper V-Sync, so for the most part, this is actually the solution I needed.
Thanks @Chimp!

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