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Window not restored correctly after manual minimize

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I have a dual monitor setup.

Below is a very simple script that runs Windows Terminal and moves it to my right-hand monitor (secondary).

Run('wt.exe -p "Windows PowerShell"')
WinMove($asd,'', 1000, 0)

Now why, for the life of me, is the window appearing on my main monitor if I manually minimize and click again on it? I want it to be back where it was (on the second monitor).

AutoIt Version: V3.3.14.5 [X32]
Windows Version: WIN_10/2009 [X64]

See also the attached gif.

2021-09-20 16-48-12.gif

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Thanks for your answers. I solved it using @Leendert-Jan's advice. Disabling `"launchMode": "maximized",` from the WT settings, then using WinMove and WinSetState(...@SW_MAXIMIZE) does it.

@Danp2 I couldn't get a real difference neither in window coordinates nor in other useful parameters with Au3Info in both scenarios (i.e. window returning to the main monitor after minimizing vs. window moved manually)

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