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Help with sending a message multiple times


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I want to use the send command to send something more than once but without having to type it out like that. LIke for example if i wanted to send "test" 4 times i dont want to type it out 4 times like below.

Send("test test test test")

I want to change that to something like:

Send("test *4")

And the *4 means that it will type out "test test test test " 

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8 minutes ago, ripdad said:

Your answer is in the helpfile.

Click here


Hello, thank you but I did look at the helpfile before I posted and again after you sent your reply, but I only found a way to send a single key for than once as in:

Send("{t 4}")

 but not a whole word or phrase. Could you please quote the helpfile where it says how to do it? Thanks.

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Hmm... doesn't seem to be a way with just "send".

How about:


For $i = 1 To 4
   Send("test ")

; - or in a function -

Func _SendText($text = "test", $n = 4)

    For $i = 1 To $n



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