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Google spreadsheet

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Hi guys.

I was wondering, is it possible to autoit access to google spreadsheet and read data from a:a

I use notepad to enter info for my program. Since many peoples share info to me that i have to add to notepad for program to read it line by line. So if i can share google spreadsheet to ppls, they can fill rows with info. then my program can access it and read info from it? is it possible? 
i can share this spreadsheet as csv and program can download that csv and read info line by line from it?

for not i use txt file in my C drive that I fill myself when new info is entered 

Local $Count = $i
For $i = 1 to _FileCountLines($file)
$line = FileReadLine($file, $i)


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yes that should be possible with the api of google


All Google api's work similar with a key so a starting point can be this. I do not think there is a working example around for google spreadsheet api but the concepts are similar


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