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check if script ran from scite?

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Check the macro :

@Compiled  Returns 1 if script is a compiled executable or an .a3x file; returns 0 if an .au3 file.


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This is a UDF to check for running a source file from SciTE with AutoIt3 or directly and determine which one it is:

#include <WinAPIProc.au3>

If _RunBySciTE() Then
    MsgBox(0, "Run by SciTE", "This script is ran by SciTE")
    MsgBox(0, "Not Run by SciTE", "This script is not ran by SciTE")

Func _RunBySciTE($iPID = @AutoItPID)
    Local $n, $iParentPID = $iPID
    For $n = 1 To 5
        If _WinAPI_GetProcessName($iParentPID) = "SciTE.exe" Then Return True
        $iParentPID = _WinAPI_GetParentProcess($iParentPID)
    Return False
EndFunc   ;==>_RunBySciTE


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