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Unable to use the DLL file error when executing a DLLCALL

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6 hours ago, TheXman said:

Since I have no intention of guessing, I would suggest that you show the code that you attempted to execute and also say which Voicemeeter product was running at the time

That is a fair statement 😄. I took what you provided and came up with the code below to return the current version.

Func VBVMR_GetVoicemeeterVersion($apiDLL)
    Local $aResult, $dBinary
    Local $sVMVer=""
    $aResult = DllCall($apiDLL,"long","VBVMR_GetVoicemeeterVersion","long*",0)
        If @error Then
        ConsoleWriteError('Error VBVMR_GetVoicemeeterVersion: ' & ' Error: ' & @error & ' Extended: ' & @extended & @CR)
    ConsoleWrite("$aResult[1]: "& $aResult[1] &@CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Binary: "&Binary($aResult[1]) &@CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("BinaryMid: " & String(Dec(Int(BinaryMid($aResult[1],4,1)))) &@CRLF)
    For $i = 4 To 1 Step -1
        If $i > 1 Then
            $sVMVer &= String(Dec(Int(BinaryMid($aResult[1],$i,1)))) & "."
            $sVMVer &= String(Dec(Int(BinaryMid($aResult[1],$i,1))))
    ConsoleWrite("Derived version: " & $sVMVer & @CRLF)

It's a little busy but I left my learning / testing there... The console writes return this:

$aResult[1]: 50332162
Binary: 0x02020003
BinaryMid: 3
Derived version:

The reason I went with reversing the resulting binary numbers is the version of Potato I have, reports as

I can see a use for this function elsewhere in one form or another.

This has given me quite a bit to build on. I appreciate the help! I will go and clean up the spaghetti code and make it more presentable.


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2 hours ago, gritts said:

The reason I went with reversing the resulting binary numbers is the version of Potato I have, reports as

That's because Windows PCs are little-endian machines. The value 50332162 converts to hex 0x3000202 and is stored in a little-endian long.

Here's how this value is stored in memory [the function vd() is a variable dump and cw() is a kind of ConsoleWrite]:

$tLong = DllStructCreate("ulong value")
$tBytes = DllStructCreate("byte b3; byte b2; byte b1; byte b0", DllStructGetPtr($tLong))
$tLong.value = 50332162


cw('Version is: ' & $tBytes.b0 & '.' & $tBytes.b1 & '.' & $tBytes.b2 & '.' & $tBytes.b3)


Struct             (4) @:000001382BD8A680 (structure alignment is unknown)
      uint       50332162

Struct             (4) @:000001382BD8A680 (structure alignment is unknown)
      byte       2
      byte       2
      byte       0
      byte       3

Version is:


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9 hours ago, gritts said:

This has given me quite a bit to build on. I appreciate the help!

You're welcome! 

You did a great job of translating what I said into code.  The fact that you were able to come up with a workable solution is what's most important when learning, not necessarily how pretty the code is.  As you continue learning new things and techniques, you can always go back to sharpen & optimize your code.   Things that you figure out on your own are usually retained longer, recalled quicker, and give you a better understanding of how things work.  That's why I didn't just give you the code that I used. 


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