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ListView - search by key press (letter)

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Hi everyone.
I have this question.
How to make ListView to respond to pressing a letter on the keyboard and select the list item that starts with that letter ?
I can't find a style that corresponds to such functionality.

For example:
I have a ListView that contains the names of employees of a company.
If I press the letter "a" on the keyboard, the ListView is supposed to highlight the first person whose name begins with the letter "a".


Thank you in advance for your help.


In the example from the help it works properly.
In my program it does not work :(

This is my ListView definition:

$lvLista = GUICtrlCreatelistview("Lp|Imię i nazwisko|Telefon|Dział|Stanowisko|Przełożony|Firma",446,8,412,413,BitOr($LVS_SINGLESEL,$LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS),BitOr($LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT,$LVS_EX_GRIDLINES,$WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE))


ok, I think I know.
I have the first column hidden and forgot about it myself ;)
It seems that this search works by default in the first column.
Now the question is how to change it ?
How to force ListView to search in the second column ?

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try to get the data into an array and then use arraysearch to search the array

refer to code below (copied from @boludoz)

#include <StringConstants.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

Global $g_sString   = "Bob,24|Jane,25|Julian,26|"
Global $g_sDelimRow = '|'
Global $g_sDelimCol = ','

Global $g_aArray2D  = StringSplit2D($g_sString, $g_sDelimCol, $g_sDelimRow)
_ArrayDisplay($g_aArray2D, @ScriptName)

Func StringSplit2D($sMatches = "Hola-2-5-50-50-100-100|Hola-6-200-200-100-100", Const $sDelim_Item = "-", Const $sDelim_Row = "|", $bFixLast = Default)
    Local $iValDim_1, $iValDim_2 = 0, $iColCount

    ; Fix last item or row.
    If $bFixLast <> False Then
        Local $sTrim = StringRight($sMatches, 1)
        If $sTrim = $g_sDelimRow Or $sTrim = $sDelim_Item Then $sMatches = StringTrimRight($sMatches, 1)

    Local $aSplit_1 = StringSplit($sMatches, $sDelim_Row, $STR_NOCOUNT + $STR_ENTIRESPLIT)
    $iValDim_1 = UBound($aSplit_1, $UBOUND_ROWS)
    Local $aTmp[$iValDim_1][0], $aSplit_2
    For $i = 0 To $iValDim_1 - 1
        $aSplit_2 = StringSplit($aSplit_1[$i], $sDelim_Item, $STR_NOCOUNT + $STR_ENTIRESPLIT)
        $iColCount = UBound($aSplit_2)
        If $iColCount > $iValDim_2 Then
            $iValDim_2 = $iColCount
            ReDim $aTmp[$iValDim_1][$iValDim_2]
        For $j = 0 To $iColCount - 1
            $aTmp[$i][$j] = $aSplit_2[$j]
    Return $aTmp
EndFunc   ;==>StringSplit2D

for the keypress u can use the HotKeySet function

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