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like _WinHttpCrackUrl using regex


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output Array:
Row0 => https
Row1 => www.Example.com
Row2 => 
Row3 => /api/DataIndex/Box
Row4 => ?ETime=1658773607000&interval=1&STime=1658255400000



output Array:
Row0 => https
Row1 => www.example.com
Row2 => 8100
Row3 => /
Row4 =>



output Array:
Row0 => wss
Row1 => example.com
Row2 => 8443
Row3 => /
Row4 =>


Edit: ok done :D

Func __CrackURl($e_Url)
    Local $e_Regex = '^(http[s]?|ftp|wss):\/\/([^:\/\s]+):?([^\/]*)?([^#?\s]+)(.*)$'
    Return StringRegExp($e_Url, $e_Regex , 3)


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