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Help with GUI commands....


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Hi Everyone. I've been away a long time.

AIM: To create a tool to catalogue & search my MP3 libraries.

Progress so far: 

I've created a script to read all the MP3 files in a directory structure, with the tags I want (Artist, Album & Track) separated by two asterisks & write to a file. 

(well two scripts actually, one for audiobooks, one for music) - See attached "MP3BOOK Catalogue Too.au3"

I can then open this file in M$Excel & with a bit of messing about, sort & filter until & can see the info I want (IE, "do I have book so-and-so by author such-and-such)

I've written a search script too. 


Now I want to create a GUI to:

1. create the data file(s) as described above if the user wants to update them. There's going to be three, my books, her books and our music.

2. enter a search string to search a selected file for (a) Author/Artist (b) Book Title/album (c) Music track 

3. display the results


I've managed to make a GUI to allow me to recreate a file, but every time I go further (like add an EXIT button)  everything else stops working.

See attached "GUI.au3" where the radio buttons work, but the EXIT doesn't. I haven't made it to the search bit in the GUI.

I'm afraid my skills (take autoit example code from help file & modify it) are not up to it. 

Any help at all greatly appreciated. 

Ta. Pete



MP3BOOK Catalogue Too.au3 gui.au3 MP3 Catalogue search.au3

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