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excel printing fit to page, shrink to page


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hello dears!

i have a program which manipulates excel.. data and formatting.

i have faceing with a hugr problem:

how can i force document when i want to print, must be only 1 page ?

if i use 

$workbook.sheets(1).pagesetup.Orientation = 2       ;landscape

works well, document orientation changes to requested.

but when i use 


does not work

Please, how can i modify document to store new setup for printing parameter?

is there another parameter which i should use?

i thought it may be unnecessarry because here i dont want to fit, content is bigger than printarea. i must zoom out to store everything in one page.. 

Thank you for your support!

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  • Solution

Try setting zoom to false:


If the Zoom property is True, the FitToPagesWide property is ignored.

If the Zoom property is True, the FitToPagesTall property is ignored.


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