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SciTE AutoScroll, middle mousebutton browser style scrolling


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Browser style middle mousebutton scrolling in SciTE. not as smooth though, and the button has to be kept down.

Can be tested without compiling, just open some large scripts and try it out.

;SciTE AutoScroll, middle mousebutton scrolling

Global $hDLL = DllOpen("user32.dll"), $Scroll, $PosInit, $Pos, $Dir, $hCtrl; !!!

Global $Speed = 200; adjust to your likings (100 = fast, 500 = too slow)
Global $Dist = 10; amount of pixels the mouse has to move before starting scrolling

While ProcessExists("SciTE.exe"); while SciTE exist...

   While WinActive("[Class:SciTEWindow]");...and is active

      If BitAND(DllCall($hDLL, "short", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", "0x04")[0], 0x8000) Then $Scroll = True ; if middle mousebutton is pressed activate scroll

         $PosInit = MouseGetPos(1) ; get initial mouse y-position for comparison
         $hCtrl = DllCall($hDLL, "int", "WindowFromPoint", "long", MouseGetPos(0), "long", $PosInit)[0]; get handle under mousecursor
         While $Scroll; while scroll is activated

            $Pos = MouseGetPos(1); get mouse y-position
            $Dir = (($Pos < $PosInit) ? 0:1); get direction
            If Abs($PosInit - $Pos) > $Dist Then DllCall($hDLL, "lresult", "SendMessageW", "hwnd", $hCtrl, "uint", 0x0115, "wparam", $Dir, "lparam", 0); scroll if mouse has been moved beyond starting point ($WM_VSCROLL, $SB_LINEDOWN/$SB_LINEUP)
            If Not BitAND(DllCall($hDLL, "short", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", "0x04")[0], 0x8000) Then $Scroll = False; if middle mouse button is released deactivate scroll
            Sleep($Speed - Sqrt(($Pos - $PosInit)^2)); speed of scroll depending on distance from startpos, adjust to your likings

   Sleep(10); easy on the cpu usage if SciTE is active but button isnt pressed
Sleep(10); easy on the cpu usage if SciTE exists but isnt active

; exit if SciTE is closed or doesnt exist

Easily changed to other editors, or your own autoit gui, just change these two lines...

While ProcessExists("Notepad.exe"); while SciTE exist...

   While WinActive("[Class:Notepad]");...and is active

...for example Notepad.


If $Pos < $PosInit - $Dist Or $Pos > $PosInit + $Dist Then

could be written as

If Abs($PosInit - $Pos) > $Dist Then

removed "= True" and "= False" from the keystates, wasnt really needed

fixed some global/local mess

Removed Round() from the Sleep as Sleep doesnt care

$Dir = (($Pos < $PosInit - $Dist) > ($Pos > $PosInit + $Dist) ? 0:1); get direction

could be written as

$Dir = (($Pos < $PosInit) ? 0:1); get direction



Edited by Werty

Some guy's script + some other guy's script = my script!

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