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Prevent web browser from closing


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I cobbled this script from the "WinExists" example in the AutoIt help file. It works fine except if I dismiss the "Window exists" msgbox or leave that "Window exists" command in line 10 out of my script altogether, the browser window closes. I want to perform several file and directory commands and run a program after I manually close the browser normally, without having to dismiss the small Autoit message box.

$SetupDir= "D:\Chrome\data"
$webfile = "file:///C:/Bin/0HOME.HTM"
Func Chrome()
        ; Run Chrome
ShellExecute("D:\Chrome\chromium-portable.exe", $webfile)
        ; Wait 3 seconds for Chrome.
WinWait("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]", "", 3)
        ; Test if Chrome opens and display the results.
        If WinExists("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]") Then
                 MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Chrome exists")
                Sleep(300); to lower CPU usage less
FileDelete($SetupDir & "\Default\Preferences")


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