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GDIPlus IsImageValid?

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Hello!  i have a question regarding GDIPlus Images & Bitmaps. 

is it possible to check if an image / bitmap handle is valid? because in my case its possible that the handle is disposed and autoit will crash as soon its used in a function so i am not able to do an error test or something like this since it just crashes. i found out i could check an image handle with _GDIPlus_ImageGetPropertyIdList , this will not crash if the image is not valid, but this dosnt work for bitmaps.


Edit: i found a solution which works for images and bitmaps, sure it's not the "right way", but its the only way for me which does not result in a crash.

Func _GDIPlus_IsValid($hImage)


    If @error Then
        Return False
        Return True



if you have a better solution for this, please let me know! it seems like the solution above still give me random crashes.

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When you dispose the image, then set the handle in variable to 0.

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