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Syntax error '%1 '


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Not sure what you mean, the error will be shown below the text you've written for example:

#include <WinAPIError.au3>

Run("Error", "", @SW_HIDE)
_WinAPI_ShowLastError("Line Number: " & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF & "Install Latest Version Error", True)

Resulting Window



Line Number: 4
Install Latest Version Error

The system cannot find the file specified



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This code:

RunWait('"C:\Dnload\9xAddons\VNC UltraVnc_1_3_81_X64.msi" /loadinf="VNCConfig.ini" /props="VNCsetup.reg" /silent')
If @error Then
        _WinAPI_ShowLastError('Line ' & @ScriptLineNumber & @CRLF & 'Install Latest Version Error', True)

Gives me this:


I'd like to know what %1 is.

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I have changed my RunWait to this:


RunWait('msiexec.exe /i "C:\Dnload\9xAddons\VNC UltraVnc_1_3_81_X64.msi /loadinf=VNCConfig.ini /props=VNCsetup.reg /silent" /quiet    /qb-')

Which doesn't give me any errors but the program doesn't install

So something is wrong with my .msi options.

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3 minutes ago, Subz said:

Have you tried using quotes around the path:

RunWait('msiexec.exe /i "C:\Dnload\9xAddons\VNC UltraVnc_1_3_81_X64.msi" /loadinf=VNCConfig.ini /props=VNCsetup.reg /silent /qb-')

Yes.  I tried that.  I think the msiexec.exe was looking at the /silent switch and didn't think it was valid. The /silent switch is for the ULTRAVNC install.

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You seem to be mixing ".exe" switches with ".msi" switches

To install UltraVNC (downloaded directly to C:\Dnload\9xAddons\UltraVnc_1381_x64

Installs fine with the following:

RunWait('msiexec.exe /i "C:\Dnload\9xAddons\UltraVnc_1381_X64.msi" /qb')

If you want to modify the settings either use ultravnc 1381 X64 setup.exe and use the following:Installation - UltraVNC VNC OFFICIAL SITE, Remote Desktop Free Opensource (uvnc.com)

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