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Sort-of Y-combinator in AutoIt, possible to do better?

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While AutoIt does treat function as first-class variables and can be passed/returned, it does not allow creation of anonymous function, so it is not possible to do partial application.

I could sort-of create a Y operator that takes two arguments, but that's not quite the same as sequential application:


; Local $factorial = Y(fac) ; does not work as autoit is eagerly evaluated and do not allow anonymous function definition
Local $result = Y(fac,6)


func fac($func, $num)
     return $num > 1 ? $num*$func($func,$num-1) : 1

func Y($func,$arg)
     return $func($func,$arg)


I'm wondering if it's possible to do better using Eval() or Execute(), but they are effectively just inline macros and do not allow for parameter substitution. Perhaps wrapping Eval into a string interpreter may do?

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