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A random minute counter using DO loops. (Very basic example. Beginner.)


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So all this script does is count a random number of minutes by counting to 60 seconds and resetting.
It showes pretty much exactly what I think of when I imagined what a do loop should look like. I hope that makes sense. :D

Anyway, code. :)


$Seconds = 0 ;Set our seconds counter to zero.

$Minutes = 0 ;Set our minutes counter to zero.

$length = Random( 15, 300, 1) ;Set the veriable "length" to a number between 15 and 300. This will be the time we run our DO loop below until.

Do ;Count Minutes
    Do ;Count Seconds

      Sleep( 1000 ) ;Pauses the code right here for exactly one second.
      $Seconds = $Seconds + 1 ;Adds 1 to the veriable that stores what second we are at, named Seconds.
    Until $Seconds = 60 ;Stops counting seconds at 60 seconds.
    $Seconds = 0 ;Resets the seconds to zero. If we don't do this, the count will start at 61. And as it keeps going, it will never equal 60 
                   ;again, creating a constant count that never gets stopped by any conditions. The program will run like this until t's 
                   ;restarted in some way for some reason.
    $Minutes = $Minutes + 1 ;Adds 1 to the veriable that stores what minute we are at, named minute.
Until $Minutes = $length ;Stops the do loop when the minute counter is the same number as the length we randomly generated on line 13.

;Here we execute whatever we wanted to at the random time. Can be a reminder or something along those lines.

Believe it or not I just wrote that for a project I'm doing. You can easily throw it on top of any code you could ever need to run at random. :)

Edited by Draygoes
Removed bug in real time. Second edit: Removed unused constants. I forgot I had that.


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