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How can i simplify my code?

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Hi, I started using AUTOIT 3 days ago and encountered a problem. Well, I wanted to test different applications using autoit. I have 20 different "pages" in this program and in order to go to the next one you have to select it from the drop-down list.  The problem is how to create a "counter" that would change the variable to the next one after each executed script/for loop, at a given point.


Func stop()

Global $Var1 = MouseClick("left",162, 353,1,10)
Global $Var2 = MouseClick("left",285, 395,1,10)
Global $var3 = MouseClick("left",287, 430,1,10)
Global $Var4 = MouseClick("left",293, 460,1,10)

#region Click on the drop-down list and select the next page
MouseClick("left", random(806,819,1),Random(421,501,1),1,10) ;starting click
MouseClick("left", random(169,400,1),Random(230,240,1),1,10) ;click on drop-down list

;Here "counter" $var1 +1
MouseClick("left" ,random(173,445,1),Random(325,343,1),10) ;Click on next page  
;MouseClickDrag("left",255, 583,295, 210,10) Moving drop-down list by ten pages.

MouseClick("left", random(337,437,1),Random(942,956,1),1,10) ;ending selecting next page

Best regards, Norbii

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Hello Norbiii,


welcome to the forum.


I have no clue what you want to do. I cannot immagine, what it should be good for placing mouse clicks on random coordinates.


What are you trying to do?

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