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Help needed to automate Speccy menu


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Dear community,

Merry X-Mas and happy holidays.

I have about 50 Speccy snaphots (.speccy extension) that I had previously saved manually (File > Save Snapshot... ), and now I want to batch convert them to text via Speccy's UI (menu "File > Save as text file..." ) in order to retrieve specs and write to Excel.

I am using the non-portable version of Speccy; in my script I just ShellExecute the .speccy file to open it.

ShellExecute($speccySnapshotPath, "", "", $SHEX_OPEN )

Speccy opens 2 windows (maximized by default on my PC), one for the local machine (scanning begins immediately) and one for the snapshot. Related entities that get created are 1 Speccy process, 1 thread and 2 buttons on the Taskbar.

The snapshot window is the active one and focus does not shift to the local machine window when the scan is complete.

Speccy resists all native methods (Send(), MouseMove(), MouseClick() ) to automate key press, mouse movement and clicks.

MouseMove(187, 27, 10)
_ArrayDisplay(MouseGetPos(), "MouseGetPos()" )

When I try to position the mouse over the "File" menu, there is no mouse movement on-screen and MouseGetPos() reports the original coordinates, which were not (187, 27).

Any ideas on how to automate Speccy?


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15 hours ago, ioa747 said:


happy X-Mas

try better with https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/WinMenuSelectItem.htm

stat the x, y position


Thanks for the suggestion, but WinMenuSelectItem fails too:

Local Const $speccySnapshotPath = "C:\Users\trex\Downloads\speccy automator\MATH-VUT-RRIGHT.speccy"
ShellExecute($speccySnapshotPath, "", "", $SHEX_OPEN )

WinMenuSelectItem("[CLASS:PiriformSpeccy; INSTANCE:2]", "", "&File", "Exit")

MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Finished")

This script opens the saved snapshot file, does not Exit the second window (it should) and displays the message box.

Oh, and WinMenuSelectItem does not take x,y position as parameters :) 

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