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What is wrong here?

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I'm trying to see which program can beat the score on this website for "CPS tests" https://cps-check.com/keyboard-cps

So this is what i've tried: 


Dim $sleep = 0
HotKeySet("{7}", "_Sleep")
HotKeySet("{6}", "Go")

While $sleep = 1
    If $sleep = 0 Then ExitLoop
    Sleep (100)

Func _Sleep()
    If $sleep = 0 Then
        $sleep = 1
        $sleep = 0

Func Go()
    While 1


The script works fine when i start it but the pause function doesn't work

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added codebox... please use <> next time.
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There is no way this script does anything for you, other than exiting right away, so what about posting the real script? ;) 


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