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UltraVNC install


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I'd like to create a script to install UltraVNC.

I created this script so far:

#include "OSVersion.au3"
Opt("WinWaitDelay", 100)
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 1)
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)
AutoItSetOption("TrayIconDebug", 1) ;0-off
Run('C:\Dnload\9xAddons\VNC UltraVNC_1_4_06_X64_Setup.exe')
WinWait("Select Setup Language","")
If Not WinActive("Select Setup Language","") Then WinActivate("Select Setup Language","")
WinWaitActive("Select Setup Language","")
ControlClick('Select Setup Language', 'OK', 'TNewButton1')

It isn't selecting the OK button.

This is what the screen looks like:


This is what the info window shows:


I tried:


And it didn't work.

How can I select the OK button?

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Thank you for the reply...

I have created that install.  The "/verysilent" and the "/silent" switch ignores the install folder.

I want to install the software in a custom folder "C:\Programs\UltraVNC"

I have an open thread at the UltraVNC forum complaining about that.

That's why I'm trying to create my own install script.

Can it be done with an InnoSetup installer?

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I have been struggling with this for weeks.  

I did use the /saveinf and I am using the /loadinf in the cmd line.

I just added /dir= to the cmd line.

And it worked.  😁 Yea!

I never found that documented anywhere else.

You are super duper great.

That saved me a lot of time and now I'll get it done.

Thank you very very much,


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