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1 Hotkey for 2 keys in pulse one-after-one

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Looking for soultion,

want to prepare 1  Hotkey with 2 different options which would work one after one.


For example


HotKeySet('{F4}', 'functions')

Func functions()  ;// Pressing F4 1st time


Func functions()  ;// Pressing F4 2nd time



and 3rd time is again 1st, 

4th -> 2nd 

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Here's a way for you to do sequential actions through a single hotkey, expandable to more than just 2 options:

HotKeySet('\', 'fc') ; Keep in mind that Send can trigger hotkeys, so using '1' is a bad idea if you're Sending a 1 in your function

While True

Func fc()
    Local Static $iCount = 0
    Local Const $iCountMax = 5

    Switch $iCount
        Case 0 ; Keep in mind if you're starting at 0 or 1, and what you reset it to
            Send('Pulse 1')
        Case 1
            Send('Pulse 2')
        Case 2
            Send('Pulse 3')
        Case 3
            Send('Pulse 4')
        Case 4
            Send('Pulse 5')
        Case Else
            ConsoleWrite('Unregistered count/action: ' & $iCount & @CRLF)

    $iCount += 1
    If $iCount >= $iCountMax Then ; You can reset your count when you've reached your specified max
        $iCount = 0

    Return $iCount


We ought not to misbehave, but we should look as though we could.

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