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webdriver is not deleting the folder named scoped_* at the end of the execution with Edge Browser

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Hello Team,

I am using webdriver with Edge browser, whenever script starts it will create temp file in the Temp folder(scoped_dir*), but once its shootdowns it will not delete those file automatically, its keep on creating and unnecessarily utilizing the HDD space. 

I am calling this function at the end of the script 

Func End_Browser()
EndFunc   ;==>End_Browser


Func SetupEdge()
    _WD_Option('driver', "C:\Script_Resources\msedgedriver.exe")
    _WD_Option('port', 9515)
    _WD_Option('driverclose', True)
    _WD_Option('driverparams', '--verbose --log-path="' & @LocalAppDataDir & '\msedge.log"')
    $Desired_Capabilities = '{"capabilities": {"alwaysMatch": {"ms:edgeOptions": {"binary": "' & _
            StringReplace(@ProgramFilesDir, "\", "/") & '/Microsoft/Edge/Application/msedge.exe", "excludeSwitches": [ "enable-automation"], "useAutomationExtension": false}}}}'
EndFunc   ;==>SetupEdge


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@RohanMThis appears to be a timing issue where the webdriver console is closed via ProcessClose() before it has completed its cleanup process. I will open an issue on Github so that this can be reviewed / improved. In the mean time, you should be able to work around the issue by adding a call to Sleep() before _WD_Shutdown().

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