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I am creating a dummy program for testing.  It represents a "real" program that I can not install on my development system. The real program has a button having a specific ClassnameNN=btnConnect.

I an looking for a way to give that ClassnameNN to the button in my dummy program.  My searching has not found anything yet.  Can anyone point me to a doc or an example, or give me a solution?



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In your code, create a constant at the top containing the classname. Then throughout the code, use that constant rather than the literal classname.

When you're running on your development system, your dummy program's button would have the classname of 'Button', so that's what your constant would be set to when you're testing on the dummy program. Then when you're ready to use it on the real program, change the constant to 'btnConnect'.

; Uncomment the constant for the usage scenario needed
Global Const $sClassName = 'Button' ; classname for use in dummy program
; Global Const $sClassName = 'btnConnect' ; classname for use in actual program

; Assuming your target control is the first instance of the classname (i.e. Button1 or btnConnect1):
ControlClick("My Window", "", "[CLASS:" & $sClassName & "; INSTANCE:1]")


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Just make your dummy program and have the Classname a variable:

Global $class_bttnConnect = "Button1" ; "bttnConnect"

that way you don't have to make thing more difficult than needed.

PS: @TimRude beat me to the post :) 

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