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OnAutoItExitRegister() doesn't fire when exiting a console/cui app - is it possible to capture that event?

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I have a small demo script, as shown below. The ExitHandler() function fires correctly in the following scenarios:

  • When allowing the script to end naturally on its own
  • When exiting the script via the tray icon

The ExitHandler() does NOT fire correctly in these scenarios:

  • When compiled as a console ("cui") application and hitting the close button on the console window
  • When compiled as a console ("cui") application and pressing CTRL+C in the console window

Do you know if it's possible to trigger any code in these last two scenarios, or does that force quit the script immediately?

Either way, it would be good to have the documentation updated to mention this. I'd be happy to contribute documentation if I knew how.

ConsoleWrite("Script started. Waiting 6 seconds." & @CRLF)


Func ExitHandler()
    ConsoleWrite("Exit detected." & @CRLF)
    MsgBox(0, "Exit!", "Exit detected.")


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I assume that you are closing the parent process, being cmd.exe, so its child processes get killed the hard way?

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