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Saving text to another .au3 file and replace if it already excist

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So Im trying to start shortcuts with proxy and want to save the file output as a variable like 

$client1 = "C:/shortcut.lnk"

what I tried is saving it with iniwrite but then I get a [] in the file wich makes the script return to an error.

I also tried :

Func Save()
If _GUICtrlEdit_GetLine($Edit1, 0) = True Then
$FileName = GUICtrlRead($Input1)
;$FileName = @Systemdir & "\mstsc.exe" ; to work with autoit variables
$args = '_GUICtrlEdit_GetLine($Edit1, 0)
$LinkFileName = GUICtrlRead($Input2) & "\Client1.lnk"
$WorkingDirectory = "%windir%" 
;$WorkingDirectory = @WindowsDir 
$Icon = GUICtrlRead($Input1)
;$Icon = @WindowsDir & \system32\SHELL32.dll"
$IconNumber = 67
$Description = "Concept Icon"

FileCreateShortcut($FileName, $LinkFileName, $WorkingDirectory, $args, $Description, $Icon,"", $IconNumber, $State)
_FileWriteToLine( "Config.au3", 3, "$client1=" & GUICtrlRead($Input2), & '\Client1.lnk"' 1)

But if the .au3 file is empty it will not write in it.

I also tried Filewrite but then It does not replace anything and just add multiple lines with the same variable.

I hope someone can help me out,


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I am trying to get rid of the "[" and "]" in the config file and tried this but still no luck.

can anyone help me out?


$sData = "["

$FileName = "test.txt"
$hFile = FileOpen($FileName, 2)
FileWrite($hFile, $sData)

$hFileOpen = FileOpen($FileName)
$ReadData = FileRead($hFileOpen)
$sNewFile = StringRegExpReplace($ReadData, '[', '')
$sNewFile = StringRegExpReplace($sNewFile, "]", "")

$hFileOpen = FileOpen($FileName, 2)
FileWrite($hFileOpen, $sNewFile)

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FileWrite appends to an existing file. The function description says:


Write text/data to the end of a previously opened file.

To modify an existing file you should delete the original with FileDelete before FileWrite-ing the changed contents back.

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